Stock In Store

Never Miss a Sale is a growing philosophy in online retailing. However, most clicks-and-mortar retail businesses have NOT implemented this functionality. Why?

  1. Stock accuracy in store is not reliable,
  2. Uploading stock feeds to the online store adds overhead to the website
  3. Most POS and inventory management systems don’t support regular updates.

NOW Solutions has developed a fully responsive, platform independent solution to manage Stock in Store. On any device, it allows customers to:

  • Find their Nearest Store or Search by Postcode
  • View availability of any item in any of your active stores – manages coming soon and closed stores
  • View status as: Available, Sold Out or Check with Store
  • Call your store directly (any device)
  • Email your store directly (any device)
  • Show the distance to the nearest store
  • Links to Apple/Google Maps for directions

3 out of 4 people who find local information in search results are more likely to visit storesShoppers find the following VERY helpful in search results:

74%  Item is in stock at a nearby store
66%  Location of closest store with an item in stock
63%  Details of local stores (hours, phone number)

BENEFITS – What will Stock in Store do for your business?

  • Drive customers into stores
  • Improve your reputation with your customers
  • Quickly add an omni channel arm to your business
  • Set and manage thresholds for 3 stock statuses
  • Track how people are using Stock in Store by tracking how many people are:
  • Checking stock availability in store
  • Contacting your stores by phone or email
  • Using Maps to find their nearest store
  • Measure the effectiveness of clicks to mortar
  • 2 sales per month in store to achieve ROI of 100%
  • What are you waiting for? Start creating a sense of urgency so your customers:
    • Walk into your store
    • Call the store to reserve an item
    • Buy it online if stock is low/unavailable in store

    Is this item available in store? Great. I will reserve it, go instore and buy it now

    If you are interested in driving customers back into your stores using Stock in Store please call us on +61 3 9820 2111 or make an enquiry online.