The Challenge

INTERSPORT Australia is a Sports Retail Franchise Group with 40 members and 65 Stores, dispersed across regional, rural and metropolitan Australia. This creates some complex business requirements that aren’t part of a ‘typical’ eCommerce and Integration project.

With no online warehouse, the retail stores are the sole fulfillers for the online store. Every store carries a disparate range of products with very few carrying the same range, and all stores have completely separate POS databases for stock on hand. Tracking and managing orders, working with an Australia Post account with up to 65 store fulfilling locations, and the management required to ensure sales attribution were just some of the challenges.

INTERSPORT Australia chose NOW Solutions to not only do their complex systems integration, but to also build the eCommerce store on WordPress and WooCommerce, within a short timeframe.

Some would say that’s CRAZY as we had never built on the WooCommerce platform before, and they might be right, but when you have over 15 years’ experience, have worked with multiple eCommerce platforms AND most importantly, have incredible people who have been working together as a tight-knit, expert team for over 5 years, you have supreme confidence in your ability to adapt and deliver.

The Result

Stage 1: Product Integration & New non-eCommerce website

A 7 week project to re-design & build a non-eCommerce website, integrated with their POS system, displaying a discrete range of products customers could only buy in store and using stockinstore®, a sophisticated ‘find in store’ solution showing customers the stock availability in each store.

This generated instant results for each Franchise store as Customers engaged with them by walking into the store knowing products were available, or contacting the store if they weren’t available.

The Stockinstore® initiative has since been recognised by the judges of the Online Retail Industry Awards 2018 (ORIAS) and nominated as a finalist in the ‘Best In-Store Initiative’ category.

Stage 2: Full eCommerce with a multi-store distributed fulfilment

9 weeks after stage 1 went live, we launched the INTERSPORT Australia online store, integrating with their multiple disparate POS systems for stock & order management and fulfilment from multiple store locations.

INTERSPORT are using LINK, our proprietary retail integration management solution for product enrichment and information management, stock, order & fulfilment management with audit & reporting. LINK is a highly customisable solution developed for retailers to apply business rules and automation to online business processes. Its flexibility makes complex product management easy and is managed through a web-based administration interface, requiring limited technical skills so it can be managed by your e-commerce team rather than IT.

In just 16 weeks, we delivered a fully integrated online store with distributed store fulfilment on a completely new eCommerce platform.